Swiss Alpine plant range

In the Swiss Alpine region, there is a long tradition of using plants as a natural source of well-being, both for health and nutritional purposes.


In centuries gone by, when it was difficult to see a doctor, transport was unreliable and food shortages were common, inhabitants of mountain areas made use of indigenous plants for food and medicine:

  • Plants such as nettles and wild spinach, which grew in the nitrogen-rich earth around the chalet settlements, were used to make soups.
  • Cures of dandelion, nettles or gentian root were prepared according to the seasons in order to “purify or fortify the body”.
  • Certain plants were harvested separately by the women and children of the village in order to treat winter ailments (wild thyme, masterwort), burns (St. John’s wort), menstrual symptoms (alchemilla) and digestive disorders (yarrow).

These traditions have gradually been eroded and this ancestral knowledge marginalised. Fortunately, in recent years, the cultivation of Alpine plants has greatly increased in Switzerland thanks to the indigenous mountain population, and measures have been put in place to domesticate and improve the productivity of these plants and to make the most of their many properties.

The current popularity of phytotherapy* is allowing Switzerland to mine its centuries-old tradition in order to produce high-quality, scientifically proven products. While edelweiss and gentian are two of the best known Alpine plants, there are many other Alpine species that can be used to improve health and well-being.

*Phytotherapy is a traditional, ancestral medicine based on the use of the natural active ingredients contained in plants.



Pharmalp takes inspiration from this traditional, empirical knowledge to develop organic Alpine plant-based healthcare products for healthcare professionals and consumers.

The Alpine plants selected by Pharmalp are cultivated by family businesses, using organic agricultural methods, in Valais in the heart of the Swiss Alps and in the Jura massif.

The sunshine and air quality in the canton of Valais, deep in the Swiss Alps, are ideal for harvesting medicinal plants.

The plants are carefully harvested at the most appropriate time during the summer season, then dried in the open air. The necessary components are extracted by means of a unique process using water and high pressure, which preserves the activity of the active substances. Extraction takes place just before the products are manufactured, and the microbiological quality of each batch is checked.

All of our products are available in Swiss pharmacies and chemists, where you can also receive professional advice.