About us

Pharmalp is a Swiss company that was set up in 2011 to serve healthcare professionals and patients.
Pharmalp has received support from the canton of Valais, via the Funds for Innovation from The Ark Foundation...
Its founder, Philippe Meuwly, a doctor of biology with 12 years' experience in the field of plant research and some 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, established Pharmalp in order to offer natural and innovative health solutions to people who wish to protect their health. 

"Our desire is to support people who want to take responsibility for their health, by offering them natural and effective products that work on both symptoms and causes in order to prevent recurrence. Our research and products are based on scientific proof of effectiveness and tolerance, and our industrial partners have been selected with great care. We are proud of our Swiss roots and our ambition is to offer effective, high-quality products in line with the reputation built up by Swiss companies across the globe."

Philippe Meuwly,

Our mission

Pharmalp innovative care from Switzerland Health, innovation and effectiveness at the heart of our concerns. To offer natural and innovative health solutions to people who wish to protect their health, through guidance from their pharmacist or healthcare professionals.

The solutions we develop are primarily targeted at gastrointestinal disorders, immunity and some infectious disorders, in order to improve and extend the well-being of our consumers:

  • Probiotics are key players in health, digestive well-being and immunity;
  • Alpine plant extracts and phytotherapy products are particularly effective in preventive treatment and in recurrent infectious disorders.

Finally, Pharmalp has committed to a social and environmental responsibility initiative by making certain decisions that will have a positive impact on society, for example:

  • Collaboration with the Swiss Foundation, Polyval, (www.polyval.ch) to package its products. This foundation is a social enterprise with an industrial vocation accredited according to the GMP standards by Swissmedic;
  • The offices and laboratories are located at the PhytoArk site in Conthey (Valais, Switzerland); the building is constructed in line with the Minergie standard and is equipped with solar panels.

Our R&D

One of Pharmalp's objectives is to provide therapeutic solutions which target both the symptoms and the causes of recurrent infectious disorders.

With this in mind, we are driving the internal development of health solutions which are based on scientific validation and the proven effectiveness of the products.
Since 2010, our research teams have been working on developing effective natural solutions based on extracts from alpine plants that have been gathered or grown in Switzerland.
Research is conducted in partnership with the Department of Life Sciences at the Haute Ecole Technique Valaisanne (HES-SO Vs) and the School of Pharmacy of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (EPGL, University of Geneva). Our work is actively supported by the canton of Valais via the Funds for Innovation offered by The Ark Foundation.
More information about : http://www.theark.ch/fr/